Small Business Government Grants South Dakota

Securing a small business grant in the state of South Dakota

The discussion that small businesses are very important for the stability of the economy, are very common these days. The state of South Dakota has proven this altogether. The state not only uses small business grants give by the federal government to help out the already established small business ventures, but it also encourages new start ups by giving them very attractive offers. This has been proven quite successful with the growth that the state’s economy has seen. Even with all the encouragement that is being provided by the state it should not be taken for granted that it is going to be easy to secure a grant as this is not the reality. The competition is going to be as tough as it comes. Therefore, it is important that the basic steps be followed in the right manner. These include:

1.  Making sure that one has a strong business plan. The majority of the probability of securing the grant depends on this very main and basic feature.

2. Another important feature is that the financial history of the applicant be clear and there should not be any skeletons hanging in the cupboard.

3. The forecasting should be done in a practical manner and there should be ample support for it.

Another important question that comes in mind is how to look for the detailed information regarding the grants and the rest of the details. Following are some of the authorities that one can contact to make sure that one has all the details. Also these are the ones that are dealing with the grants so one can look up there details as well.

1.      Bond Financing

2.      Revolving Economic Development and Initiative Fund

3.      Workforce Development Program

For contacting them for details use the following information:

Workforce Development Program


Contact 1-800-872- 6190 to determine what director services your area.

Charles Van Gerpen

605-773-3301 or 800-872-6190.




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