Small Business Government Grants South Carolina

Applying for small business grants in South Carolina

South Carolina is another state of the country which encourages its small business grants ventures through the aid of grants. These grants are very much needed by these small business ventures and therefore, are received as a blessing. However, the sad part of the news is that the government does not have abundant funds to support this system. Therefore, it is these small business ventures that have to take the hit at the end. The competition becomes really tough and a lot of deserving business do not get their due. However, one should not lose all hope and try their level best to compete for the funds.  There are some steps that one should follow. These steps are important as far as applying for the grants are concerned and these steps also make sure that one has a better chance to get the grant.

  1. Information has never harmed anyone at least not in such matters. Therefore, make sure that you have all the information regarding the grants so that you can apply accordingly.
  2. Once the information has been collected make sure that the you apply it correctly to your application and in all the other related areas.
  3. Don’t be late in submitting your application. Getting late will only lessen your chance of securing the grant.

There are different units that are working on the system of grants. These are pure government units but there are scenarios where private units are collaborating so that the funds can be well maintained. Some of these units working in the state are listed below along with the contact details at the end that can be used when needed.

  1. The state of North Carolina
  2. The Small Business Authorities
  3. Independent organizations that work both independently and in collaboration with the government.

Contact information is as follows:

North Carolina Dept. of Commerce

301 North Wilmington Street, Raleigh, N.C.

Business Development: 919.733.4977

Small Business Support: 800.228.8443

Venture Capital Investors and Angel Investors

Second Venture Corporation
7365 Main Street, Suite 324
Stratford, CT 06614

Phone- 800-461-5509

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