Small Business Government Grants Ohio

How to apply for small business grants in Ohio State:

Every state has its own separate system of giving out grants. Though most of their system resembles each other but still there are a number of differences when it comes to the workings and the finer details. Therefore, don’t commit the common mistake and assume that if you know about small business grants system of one state it is going to apply to the other state as well as it is. This is the mistake that you will be committing and getting yourself in trouble and also reducing your chance of securing a grant as you will not be prepared with the required details that are a must.  Therefore some important steps that one needs to follow are as follows:

  1. The business plan that you present needs to be very strong as there is a lot of competition.
  2. Look for all the information that is relevant to the application for the grant and fill it out in the proper manner as advised.
  3. Make sure that the documents for the application are submitted in time to the concerned authorities.

In the state of Ohio there are a number of units that are giving grants to the women who are running their own independent small business units in one way or the other. This is also an indication that the state promotes women working in such independent capacity. Some of the organizations that provide the women their grants are as follows along with their contact details in the end. However these are not just the only ones, there are other as well that are working for similar causes.

  1. Capital access program
  2. Ohio minority direct loan program
  3. Procurement technical assistant centers

For details:

Office of the Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Program

800-848-1300 or 614-466-5700.

Ohio Minority Direct Loan Program,

Contact Phone The Office of Minority Financial Incentives at 614-644-7708.

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