Small Business Government Grants North Carolina

North Carolina system of grants for small business

Like every other state North Carolina also gives grants to its locals with the help of the federal body organizations.  There is one unique factor that is associated with small business grants that are given in this state. That is that the business has to make sure that it is eligible for the tax exemption clause. The better situation is going to be if this clause has already been implemented and applied on the business. If the small business for which the grant is being applied for has already been exempted from tax under the official clause then the chances of your securing the grant are very high. Apart from this all the other criteria is almost the same as the one being applied in other states. In order to make sure that you are able to get the grant follow the mentioned steps:

  1. As mentioned earlier make sure that the tax exemption under the section 501(c) (3) has been processed and properly recorded with the concerned authorities.
  2. Make sure that the business plan is very strong and that it does come under anyone section in which the grants are available.
  3. Once the type of grant has been selected make sure that you fully understand and complete the required paper work.

Every state has a slightly different set of areas in which it prefers to give out the grants. One can confirm the details from the given contact information. However, the main categories are as follows:

  1. Job Development Investment Grant focus on the business that are helping in career building.

2.      North Carolina Green Business Fund supports business that is looking for green solutions for our life styles.

3.      Mini Grant Program are for business that are run by young individual to support their innovation and talent.

4.      Domestic Violence Grant is for women who are running their small working units and have been victims of domestic violence.

The said contact information is as follows:

NC Community Development

Valerie D. Moore
SBEA Program Manager
(919) 571-4900

Burlington Downtown Corporation

P.O. Box 761 Burlington, NC 27216-0761
Phone: 336.222.5002

Fax: 336.222.5036

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