Small Business Government Grants New York

Steps to get a grant for your small business in New York

New York is a very competitive city and so as getting grants for small business. People come here to materialize their dreams but not everyone gets what they come looking for. At one hand we will come across great success stories but at the same time there is equal number of unsuccessful stories. The reason of stating this bitter fact is that the competition for the grants is going to be very high in this city compared to others. One reason being, that the funds that support these grants don’t have a lot of resources. The shortage of recourses and more number of people applying for the grant makes it really hard to give away to a lot of people. In the end those who are able to best present their business and its benefits to the society are the ones who get it. As the competition is immense therefore, one should be fully prepared. For this make sure that you don’t miss the following:

  1. One should make sure that the business plan that is going to be presented is very strong. It should be making a significant difference in the community or at least helping those that are part of the community is some manner.
  2. Make sure that all the information that is related to the grant that you are applying for is with. Don’t miss anything as it might result in your missing out on important procedures.
  3. Make sure that your finances don’t have any sort of glitches in them.

There are different categories of grants that are available to the people. Before applying make sure that you are applying in the right category so that you fulfill the right requirements. Some of these are:

  1. Grants that are given to companies that are working in the energy sector or trying to work on projects that are looking for ways to make energy in an efficient manner.
  2. Women running their own independent business also get priority when it comes to getting grants.
  3. Organizations that are working in the sector that one way or the other benefit the community in a direct manner.

For more details use the following contacts:

NYS Small Business Development Center
State University Plaza
Corporate Woods Building, 3rd Floor
Albany, NY 12246
Phone (800) 732-SBDC

Small Business Division
633 Third Avenue, 33rd Floor
New York, NY  10017
(800) 782-8369

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