Small Business Government Grants Montana

How to apply for small business governments grants in Montana

Getting grants for your business in Montana is not going to be that easy a task. The reason being, that the federal government does not provide a lot of funds for this purpose. This however, does not mean that there are absolutely no small business grants from which one can take some benefit. The government does give grants but they prefer some specific areas. They include tourism, child care, energy efficient technology etc. The key steps that one needs to follow in order to apply for a grant in the state of Montana are as follows:

  1. A business plan, that revolves around the areas to which the grant is preferred.
  2. Collecting all the required information that one needs to submit in order to make sure that the application is at least given a look.
  3. Complete the application and submit it to the concerned authorities within the due date mentioned with the announcement of the grant.

As stated earlier the federal government is not spending a lot of money on the grants. Therefore, with the limited budget that the state gets they have marked the areas that they prefer and give the grants to projects that plan to work there. Also, another factor of this state is that they prefer to grants to organizations that are working on these projects compared to individuals. Some project areas that are most likely to secure a grant are as follows:

  1. Projects that will create provision for the rehabilitation of workers who had been laid previously.
  2. A project idea that is going to attract more business to down trodden localities of the state.
  3. Projects that are going to help build the different localities of the state, for example like the building of public pavements, parks etc.

The most suitable contacts from which you can get all the help and information that you require regarding the grants is as follows:

Department of Commerce
301 S Park Ave
Helena MT 59601
PO Box 200501
Helena MT 59620-0501
Phone: 406.841.2700
Fax: 406.841.2701

Montana District Office

10 West 15th Street Suite 1100

Helena, MT 59626

United States

Phone: 406-441-1081

Fax: 406-441-1090

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