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How to apply for Small Business Grants in Mississippi

There are lots of areas that investors could generate income from and Mississippi is one of the areas, the state receives both federal and state grants for small businesses and thus the entrepreneurs in the area are spoil for choice. Getting the grants from any of the financial supports is not as simple as people believe, but if one is genuine interested in getting grants for small business, it’s possible. There are steps that need to be undertaken by the entrepreneurs to get funding, some of which if neglected can result to a failure to generate capital.

The first step is to conduct research on the grants and business ideas to look into when one is looking to make earning with business.

The second step to take is making the choice of the grant to take, as there are thousands of grants to choose from. With most grants being specific to an industry this is quite necessary.

The third step is to support the business idea one has with documents that may include business plans.

One of the required steps to take in getting the grants in the Mississippi area calls for research. The research is meant to give the applicant information in regards to the grants available at any one given moment. There are different reasons why information is important but the pillar is that the information is the only guide to acquiring the grants. The information can be obtained via several options such as via calling or visiting the grantors offices.

There are different offices that one might contact to get information on the available grants in offices such as the federal and state government offices. Some of the offices that one might contact in Mississippi for information in regards to grants include;

Small Business Association

Regions Plaza

210 E. Capitol Street Suite 900

Jackson, MS 39201

United States

Phone: 601-965-4378

Fax: 601-965-5629 or 601-965-4294

Gulfport Branch Office

Hancock Bank Plaza 2510 14th Street, Suite 103

Gulfport, MS 39501

United States

Phone: 228-863-4449

Fax: 228-864-0179

Small Business Development Center

P.O. Box 1848
122 Jeanette Phillips Dr.
University, MS 38677-1848
PHONE: 662-915-5001
OR 1-800-725-7232 (In MS Only)
FAX: 662-915-5650

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