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How to apply for small business grant in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts area is quite lucrative when it comes to business, but just as with other locations the entrepreneurs in the area are faced with the problem of raising capital to start their businesses. There are lots of ideas that have not been implemented in business since the entrepreneurs have not had the resources to conduct the establishment. There are steps that one must take in order to ensure that one has the chance to get a small business grants offered.

  • The first step when one is looking to acquire grants is conducting research on all the available grants.
  • Secondly one should be prepared to offer details about their business idea in the clearest of details.
  • After providing details of the business, the next step will be to follow up on the grants approval.

There are different conditions that lead to the offering of grants which makes it important for the applicant to get as much information about the grant as possible. Information on grants can be obtained in a number of ways, but it should be obtained in the first stages of the process. During the investigation stage, one may get information such as;

  • Requirements for the grant application,
  • The range in monetary grants to expect,
  • The time it takes for one to receive the grants and,
  • The terms and conditions of the grants

There are offices that are responsible for providing the grant applicants with all the necessary information about the application and approval of grants in Massachusetts that one may contact. Getting contacts of the grantors one is applying a grant from is quite important when one is to follow up on the grant process and other related queries. Some of the contacts that one may utilize in Massachusetts when searching for a small business grant may include;

Small Business association

Boston District Office

10 Causeway Street Room 265

Boston, MA 02222

United States

Phone: 617-565-5590

Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network
227 Isenberg School of Management
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
Fax 413-545-1273

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