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Where to apply Small Business Grants in Maryland  

Maryland has several opportunities for entrepreneurs to exploit in business and thus there are lots of willing entrepreneurs. One of the challenges that face the inhabitants of the location is capital. A huge number of the residents in Maryland fail to engage in business for lack of funds, but with the increased support from the government for the citizens to engage in business via offering of small business grants, there is a lot of improvement in numbers of entrepreneurs looking to start businesses. There are several steps that should be taken when one is looking to start a business, though in most cases the steps are similar over a wide array of grants.

  • The first step is to look into the business to conduct in the Maryland area
  • Secondly one has to come up with estimates of the capital required to start the business and also come up with a business plan
  • Thirdly, one should conduct research on the available grants for small businesses in the Maryland area.
  • Selecting the grant to apply for is the next step to follow.
  • Then applying for the grant should be the final step in the application process.

After applying for the grant, it’s the responsibility of the entrepreneur to follow up on the progress of the application and this is where information on the grants is quite important. The information of the process of grants can be acquired from the grant source or the introducing authorities. Most of the offices that offer the grants have contact information provided to the public such that they can enquire information from them. Information such as the time taken for the grants to be approved and the approved grants can be sourced from the grantors with such means.

Some of the contacts in Maryland that might be helpful to one in searching for grants may include;

Small Business Association

City Crescent Building,

6th Floor 10 South Howard Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

United States

Phone: 410-962-6195

Maryland Small Business
Development Center

University of Baltimore

11 W. Mt. Royal

Baltimore, MD 21201


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