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How to Get Small Business Grants in Maine

Federal and state government provide Maine residents with financial support for small businesses and one needs to ensure that one has all the necessary data in regards to applying for small business grants. The nongovernmental organizations also take part in supporting the small business entrepreneurs in starting their businesses. There are thousands of grants that are available for the United States residents, and in all cases the steps towards acquiring the grants are the same, though there might be some differences with some grants. The first thing that should be considered in every grant seeking session is the type of business one is to engage in. there are different areas that one may conduct business such as agriculture, energy and education and the tendencies of the grantors may give one a heads up.

The first thing to do after one has established a business idea is to conduct research on the available grants to apply for. Some research on the available grants is important since there numerous grants available for one to apply for.

The second step will be to gather all the requirements for the grant application and provide them to the granting authority. Different grantors have different specifications and thus they may differ from one grantor to another even though they are in Maine.

The third step will be to follow up on the process of the grants approval. There are a number of ways to follow on the grants processing, but it is advisable to always contact the office for first hand information, one doesn’t need to travel to the offices, a call will do the trick. There are some grantors who might provide information over their websites, but it might be difficult to have all the issues sorted out online.

Some of the contacts that may be useful to one in Maine include;

Small Business Association

Maine District Office

68 Sewall Street Room 512

Augusta, ME 04330

United States

Phone: 207-622-8551

Fax: 207-622-8277

Maine Small Business Development Center

501 Forest Ave

Portland, Maine 04103

Telephone: Information (207) 780-4420

Fax: (207) 780-4810

TTY Number: (207) 780-5646

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