Small Business Government Grants Louisiana

How to apply for Small Business Grants in Louisiana State

Louisiana is a very promising state when it comes to business, unfortunately it has challenges just as other locations when it comes to coming up with capital. The federal and state governments have been supporting entrepreneurs financially, provided they have a business idea and are willing to work on it. Lots of people are looking to get the grants offered by governments and nongovernmental organizations in order to reduce the financial strain of starting a business. There are steps that should be followed by the entrepreneurs in order to acquire grants for small business, though they may differ in some stages, they are quite similar. The initial stages of applying for the business grants are quite common and involve there major steps.

  • The first step happens to be the conceptualization of the business idea. This step is important since it is the main objective of searching for the grant, in most cases the grant is offered to the ideas that look applicable and promising which makes it important for the applicant to give it a lot of though.
  • The second step to follow is conducting research on the grants offered. The Louisiana state area may have several grants for small businesses, but not all the grants will be favorable which makes it quite important to analyze the available options. Investigating the grants will give one the best option to choose for their business.
  • The third step that one is to take happens to be the application. Applying for the grant is quite easy and can be simply done, but the applicant should follow up on the progress of the application.

Information about the grants such as the amount one may receive as well as the processing of the grant is important to the applicant and can be sourced from reliable sources. The information is necessary for the application of the grants.

Some contacts in Louisiana that might help one include;

Small Business Association

Louisiana District Office

365 Canal St. Suite 2820

New Orleans, LA 70130

United States

Phone: 504-589-6685

LSBDC at LSU: Main Office

Baton Rouge

LSU Research Park, LBTC Bldg 3000

8000 GSRI Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70820
Phone: 225-578-4842

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