Small Business Government Grants Kansas

How to apply for  Small Business Grants in Kansas

Kansas is one of the states in America that benefits from the small business grants offered by the government either on the state or federal level. There are thousands of different types grants offered all over the United States and thus it’s important to conduct some research on the grants available in any given area. The Kansas area has a number of grants that one may choose from and depending on the industry where one’s small business will be operating under, but the steps to apply for the grants rarely differs over the grants. There are three basic steps that are undertaken when applying for a grant;

  • The first step is usually the launching of a business idea, this depends on the entrepreneur and the more viable it is, the higher the chances of getting grants.
  • The second step is selecting the type of grant to apply for in starting or running the business, conditions may favor one type over another.
  • The third step is the application process of the grant.

Before and during the grant application process, it is necessary that one has lots of information in regards to the grants. One needs both general and specific information in regards to the grants. Some of the important aspects of the grant may include the guidelines to follow as well as the conditions to satisfy in order to receive a grant for small businesses. There are different sources of information in regards to the grants and in all cases one should always aim to contact the granting authority.

There are several contacts that one should get in touch with if one is looking to get grants in the Kansa area. Some of the contacts may be the grantors while others may help one in getting in contact with the grantors depending on the grants. Some of the contacts may include;

Small Business Association

271 West Third Street North Suite 2500

Wichita, KS 67202

United States

Phone: 316-269-6566

Kansas Small Business Development Center

214 SW Sixth St, Ste 301
Topeka, KS 66603-3719

Phone (785) 296-6514
Toll free: 1-877-62K-SBDC
Fax (785) 291-3261

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