Small Business Government Grants Idaho

How to apply for Small Business Grants in Idaho

There is hype about the small business grants offered by states as opposed to the federal government. The federal government offers grants but it is not a direct process as the grants offered by the state and that is one reason why if one is looking to start a business, one should first consider the state grants. When doing so, it is important that one is aware of the steps to follow in getting the grants.

The initial step to come up with is a competitive small business idea, since the best ideas presented to the funding authority get the grants.

The second step is to learn as much as possible about a grant, the type of grant one chooses is determined by several factors such as the popularity and the amount offered.

The third step is presentation of the business idea to the grantors; this is done by providing supporting documents. This may be directed at the young businesses, but the already established businesses also benefit from the grants.

In most cases information about the conditions of the small business grants offered in Idaho is important, since they are the guide to how to acquire the grants. There are some details that entrepreneurs need to know when it comes to the grants. One of the reasons why it’s advantageous to pursue them is the fact that they are not loans, which means that one doesn’t have to pay back the offered amount and one doesn’t need any equity for the grant approval.

If one is to get the grants or information to help secure the grants, then one needs to know the people to contact. The most popular name when it comes to small business grants happens to be the small business administration among others. Some of the contacts that are important include;

Small Business Association

Boise District Office

380 East Park center Blvd. Suite 330

Boise, Idaho 83706

United States

Phone: 208-334-1696

Fax: 208-334-9353

Idaho Small Business Development Center,

1910 University Drive,

Boise, ID 83725-1655

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