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Finding Small Business Grants in Colorado StateĀ 

The very thought of establishing or setting up your own business gives lot of excitement to people and some even go ahead in it. There are several programs providing a guaranteed loan to you. Private financing option is also available. Many a times, this start up financing comes from the newbie business owners, his family and friends. You need to follow some steps in order to get small business grants in Colorado.

  1. Business plan- the most important pre-requisite for setting up a small business is to prepare a well written business plan. For this, you can take consultation form experienced business people or a law firm who is familiar with the different steps to follow and get copies of the needed paperwork.
  2. Business license- you need a particular license to different kinds of businesses that are issued by the Colorado state. You first have to register the trade name of your business with Colorado State Secretary and file up the needed documents.
  3. Tax ID and Business Name- any new business name has to be registered at the State Secretary. First, verify that the Secretary of state is not in use. Then, the Colorado Dept. of Employment and Labor issue the State Tax ID after proper application.
  4. Some legal assistance- there are complex and extensive requirements to set up a new business in Colorado and to meet them, you have to take some assistance from experienced and higher attorneys.

The state and federal government offer small business grant programs in Colorado. They are:

  1. Venture Capital Authority
  2. Economic Development Commission
  3. Colorado First
  4. Feasibility Study
  5. Community Business Loans
  6. Enterprise Zone

You can also get more information at:

Westminster Economic Development Office

Westminster City Hall,

4800 West, 92nd Ave

Westminster, CO 80031

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