Small Business Government Grants Arkansas

How to apply for a Small Business Grants in Arkansas State

If you are resident of Arkansas and looking for small business grants to set up your business, there is no need to worry about it. Arkansas provides a wonderful quality of life to all, who wish to settle there. Its booming economy attracts most of the business people towards it. After all, the state government offers all kind of assistance and helps the established as well as start-up companies. To find the grant funding resources may be a time-consuming process that makes use of resources like grant indexes that is available easily on internet or at public libraries.

New entrepreneurs require funds to initiate their business. To get these funds, one can go the professionally managed investment funds, private wealthy investors or banks. Let us consider the steps for the same:

  1. The foremost step needed for any kind of capital investment like this is a business plan. It is short and accurate, interesting and professional to attract the funder’s attention.
  2. A weak business plan has no opportunity for one to be even considered for financing.
  3. You can take help of a business consultant in order to make sure that your plan is a well organized and presentable business plan.
  4. There are possibilities that you may not receive the grant at the very first attempt. So, it is advised to keep sending the same documents to more than one agency at a time.

Small business grant resources in Arkansas: 

Central Arkansas Library

Located at 100 Rock Street,

Little rock, AR 72201.

Arkansas Department of Human Services and Health

Located at Donaghey Plaza South,

700 South Main St.,

Little Rock, AR 72201.

Arkansas Science and Technology authority

900 West Capitol, Suite 320,

Little rock, AR 72201.

Arkansas Early Childhood Commission

7020 Main St Slot

S- 140, Little rock AR 72201.

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