Small Business Government Grants Alaska

How to apply for a Small Business Grants in Alaska 

There are several Native American grants made accessible to the registered Alaskan natives. These grants are available for housing, education, cultural renewal, caring for elderly tribal individuals, tribal economic expansion and environmental protection. Nevertheless, just because grants are made available in these sections, never misinterpret that you can get money easily. To get a Native American Grant is a highly competitive process that needs research and persistence.


  1. The first step to apply for this grant is to prove that you are a legal member of the tribe. Tribal membership is determined by individual tribes.
  2. The contact data for BIA offices and local tribal leaders and the federally recognized tribes is listed by the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs).
  3. Other ways to find out one’s native heritage is looking for house records with the help of internet and dealing with state and local record-keeping offices.
  4. You can interact with your seniors in the family and try to get death and birth certificates, newspaper clippings, marriage licenses, etc. one can also write to Bureau of Vital statistics to get more information.
  5. All the financial organizations have some criteria for eligibility and the requirements one should fulfill to get qualified for the grant. Many of them demand for a blueprint for the business. The payment plan, credit records, guarantees, loan purpose and securities are some of the vital elements to get a grant.


Where to secure a small business grants in Alaska? There are several organizations in Alaska that offer grants for different enterprises. Some of them are:


  1. Small Business Administration
  2. Alaska division of Investments
  3. The US Dept. of Agriculture
  4. Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority


Hence, getting grants in Alaska is not difficult. Banks and other financial agencies offer a variety of opportunities to the entrepreneurs with their flexible programs, in Alaska both urban as well as rural.

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