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How to apply for Small Business Grants in Michigan

The Michigan area is quite popular when it comes to businesses, both small and medium sized. There are lots of entrepreneurs which find the starting of business in the Michigan area tough due to financial difficulties and the government, both state and federal, has provided the entrepreneurs with small business grants that will help in starting or running their businesses. There are several options that the entrepreneurs may have when it comes to funding their businesses, but the grants should not be overlooked in any way since they are free and do not require payback nor equity. There are steps that the Michigan entrepreneurs should take to get the grants for small businesses to secure the grants.

  • The first step is always to conduct research on the grants, the application conditions as well as the best grant for a given business.
  • The second step is to provide details on a business to the grantors.
  • Thirdly one should apply for the grant and follow up on the progress of the grant approval.

Information on the grants is quite important since it gives one the guidelines to follow in applying for the grant, but in some cases the grants have a monitoring program that may follow up on the use of the offered grants and thus in some cases the grants might not be in monetary terms. It’s quite important to get as much data on the grants before applying for the grants so that one has all the necessary data in the event that they are offered the grant.

Contacting the grantors or responsible authorities is another step that should be undertaken by the applicant since it allows one to follow up on the progress of the grants and also get updates on the grant offers. Some of the contacts in Michigan that might help one include;

Small Business Association

Michigan District Office

477 Michigan Avenue Suite 515, McNamara Building

Detroit, MI 48226

United States

Phone: 313-226-6075

Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center State Headquarters
510 West Fulton – Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Phone: 616.331.7480

Fax: 616.331.7485

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