Small Business Government Grants Kentucky

How to apply for Small Business Grants in Kentucky

Small business grants in Kentucky can be offered by the federal or state government or even nongovernmental organizations. There are steps and tips that one should have before indulging in the search for the grants, and in most cases the steps are quite common and similar. When one is looking for a small business grant, one should be aware that there will be high competition for the resources. Different states may have different regulations and restrictions to who should apply and qualifies to get a grant, but this is done after the assessment of the applicants.

  • The first step to undertake is the search for a competitive business idea. In most grants the winning applicant usually has to have an idea that is outstanding and looks viable and achievable.
  • The second step is usually to conduct research on the grants one is to apply for. Getting as much information about the grants may be necessary for it will help one in making the decision on the best grant to apply for.
  • The third step is usually applying for the grant. This may not be complicated since it involves presentation of the idea in document form.

A follow up on the application is another step that is encouraged by most experts for it might be quite helpful in establishing what went wrong and what to do in a second application.

One should get as much information on the application of the grants as possible and this brings in the necessity of knowing the best individual to contact. There are different offices to contact when one is looking for grants in the Kentucky area, but when one is in business; the offices concentrating on the small businesses may be the best. Some of the contacts may include;

Kentucky Small Business Development Center,

University of Kentucky,
One Quality Street Suite 635
Lexington, KY 4050

Small Business Association

Kentucky District Office

600 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Place Room 188

Louisville, KY 40202

United States

Phone: 502-582-5971

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