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How to apply for Small Business Grants in Iowa

The federal government is trying to encourage the culture of business development among its citizens and thus there are resources that have been set aside to facilitate this and this may be one of the buzz when it comes to starting small businesses. The citizens of the state of Iowa are beneficiaries of the federal and state grants for small business and thus may start their businesses with some financial help from the government and other interested individuals. There are a few steps that need to be followed to ensure the offering of grants;

  • Conduct as much research on the business idea one has for validity and viability.
  • Get as much details on the business idea as possible documented for the application process.
  • Research on the available grants at any one given moment and make a choice based on popularity in the industry one is in and the possibility of getting grants.
  • Apply for the grant and follow it up.

There are different grantors when it comes to businesses and that relates to different conditions to meet in order to secure a given type of grant. Information on grants being offered in Iowa can be easily obtained via different channels, depending on the grants one is after. Information on the available grants is necessary since it will help in raising the chances of getting financial support. Information that is necessary may include;

  • Time to apply for grants
  • Time taken for the grant approval
  • How to access the grants?
  • How to re-apply for grants and more?

One needs to know the contacts necessary when searching for a grant for business. There are different offices that deal with grants in Iowa and contacting each of the contacts can help one in one way or another in securing the grants.

Small Business Association

Des Moines District Office

210 Walnut St Room 749

Des Moines, IA 50309

United States

Phone: 515-284-4422

Iowa Department of Economic Development

Business Development Programs

200 East Grand, Des Moines IA 50309

Phone: 1.800.245.4692 in Iowa or 515.725.3107

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