Small Business Government Grants for Veterans

The United States government allots literally billions of dollars each year in the form of grants. These small business grants are there to help people with various tasks such as education, research and small business. The money allotted to help people start their own small business is what is known as small business grants. Small businesses, are after all, the backbone of the US economy, therefore it is important for the government to help them out. What makes these grants attractive is that they do not need to be paid back, unlike loans. Once you get it, it is for you to keep.

Small business grants are given through various agencies. The two most common ones are the Department of Commerce and the Department of Small Business Administration. As with any type of grants, small business grants will also have some reasonable criteria for the applicant to qualify for them. For those of you who already have a small business, there are grants available to help expand to a new customer base. There are many industry specific grants available, within the framework of small business grants. The above mentioned agencies announce new programs on a daily basis; therefore it is difficult to miss an opportunity to get the grant you need. The easiest and quickest way to find and get the grant you need, would be to use an online grant consolidating service. This type of service will save you countless hours needed to find the right type of grant.

The amount of money given through small business grant programs can vary greatly from one agency to another. Depending on the type of grant you are applying for and which agency is providing it, the amount of money can vary from 600 dollars to over 4 million dollars. Once the applicant receives the grant, they will have to use the money based on the criteria set by the lending agency. However, these stipulations will be quite broad and should be applicable for many areas. There is no limit to how many grants you can apply for. The amount of time it takes to get the grant can vary from a few days to a few months.

Small Business Grants for Veterans- 500 words

When you apply for small business grants for veterans, you are given free money to start your company. These small business grants for veterans are particularly useful because unlike loans they do not need to be repaid. You can use the funds from a small business grant to hire employees, cover startup costs for computers, or even purchase the property needed to host the company. Whatever the reason, you need to have clearly detailed financial goals and needs so that the potential grantor can see for what purpose the money will be used. Once awarded, many grantors will expect to receive annual financial statements which clearly indicate how the company is doing, how the initial uses of the grant money were used, and how they have helped the future of the company. Many grantors are keener on awarding small business grants for veterans if they know that they are providing the foundation from which the company will see success.

When you do apply for small business grants for veterans you need to prepare a grant proposal which follows a specific template. This proposal will be used to clearly indicate your mission statement as a company, how the company will run, what services and/or products it does offer and/or will offer. It will also provide information on the budget and the finances of the company.

When you find small business grants for veterans you can ensure that your business thrives. Since these small business grants for veterans are so appealing, the competition is high. The more professional you are about your business proposal, the better your chances. The first resource is the federal government. The Small Business Administration does not provide small business grants for veterans, but they offer many viable resources for obtaining grants as well as grant search engines which can be used to locate the grants. This highly reputable source is one of the best for small business owners. There are local SBA chapters which can be found by visiting or you can visit the official website at

The United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs is another great resource. Like the SBA, the department does not distribute the grants, but they can offer grant program information. Your local VA can help steer you toward the best grant programs available. is another website which offers an up-to-date database of all the grants offered by the government. You can find small business grants for veterans here while also locating grants for which your potential company qualifies in terms of other criteria. You can utilize the keyword search tool on their site to locate the small business grants for veterans. Once you find the matching grant programs you can obtain the application on the site. is another resource for small business grants for veterans. Here you can use the search tool to find a complete listing of all of the grants available from the government. You can filter the results based on needs or situations.

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