Small Business Government Grants Connecticut

How to apply for a  Small Business Grants in Connecticut

Regardless of the size or location, all cities and states all over the globe have recognized that technological advancement and instant business progress are the keys to expansion and so, has Connecticut. Grants are essential part of any government policies. Judgment of profitability and viability of the business being financed is very important. Hence, business grant applicants need to submit grant proposal along with the required paperwork in order to make a positive impression.

Government grants are intended for the public and hence anyone can avail them. There are different kinds of grants offered in Colorado like housing grants, grants provided for setting up a small business, living expenses or sponsoring your services and products. There is a specific process that one needs to follow in order to secure the small business grants.

  1. You will have to spend some time for the approval and application process till you actually get the grants. This time is based on the kind of grant who wish to apply for.
  2. To get more information on this you can refer different sources like books, CDs, internet, etc. the most important aspect of any grant proposal is an executive summary that gives a short description of the kind of business you what to run, use of loan, its purpose, repayment conditions, etc.
  3. It is also better to include your detailed product information, company marketing approach, projected growth ideas and historic data of the company.
  4. Besides this, if you are planning to include service or product extensions in coming future, give those descriptions in the grant proposal.
  5. If possible, even geographical expansion plans aids highly in the proposal.

Where to Find Small Business Grants in Colorado 

Connecticut Small Business Development Center

Dennis Gruell, State director

2100 Hillside Road. Unit 1094

Storrs CT 06269- 1094

Latino Endowment Fund,  Founded by Hartford Foundation of Public Giving

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