How to Get a Start Up Business Loan with Bad Credit?

A Small business loan is a necessity in getting a business started. It allows you funding to begin your business and helps you to get situated. If a business owner wants to get a  start up business loan with bad credit, applying for a loan may be a difficult process. The following are some tips to obtaining a business loan with bad credit:

Keep your personal expenses separate from your business expenses. This allows you to establish credit based solely on your business, especially if you have bad credit.

Apply for a tax ID number. This will help your business to build a credit score and allows you to keep your social security number separate.

Use the tax ID number and work towards getting small lines of credit. Vendor lines of credit are an excellent place to start. This allows you to up your credit rating and get established with other suppliers. Make sure to pay all bills in a timely manner. Not only does this up your credit score, but it also helps in obtaining more credit with other suppliers.

Procure short term loans and pay them off on time. These types of loans are made especially for businesses with bad credit and can be very costly. Interest rates for these types of loans will be much higher than a normal loan. You could also face higher closing costs, application fees and processing fees.

You can also use equity to acquire a business loan. Things like equipment, ownership in property and other assets are typically used to obtain an equity loan. The secured loan is based on the value of your assets. Be careful not to default on the loan. This would mean the bank would take away the property or assets used. This could also close the doors to your business. Make sure to use extreme caution when you go down this route.

Once you get your start-up business loan, be sure to make your payments on time. This will not only help you improve your credit rating, but it will also make for a more successful relationship between your business and the bank in the future.

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